Can You Buy A Money Order With A Prepaid Gift Card

You will once again hand over your gift card then. Another alternative is to take the gift card to a gift card exchange kiosk and exchange it with money, which you can have deposited in your bank account.

10 Legit Ways To Transfer Visa Gift Cards To Bank Accounts

You can also use the gift card to buy a money order, which you eventually deposit in your bank account.

Can you buy a money order with a prepaid gift card. How do you all go about liquidating your. 2) go to customer service and tell them you want to buy a money order with your gift card, then hand over your gift card. You can never use a store gift card (such as a cvs gift card) to buy a money order.

When you buy the card, you pay the initial amount that you want to load onto the card, often termed the “initial load”, plus the cost of the card. It’s possible that a store manager may be able to override policy. Consider how you will use the card and look at the fees that you will pay for those uses.

However, unlike a check, you need to buy a money order and you have to pay the amount of the money order upfront. Money orders are popular because they are cheap, simple to fill out, and you don’t need a bank account to get one. Unless credit is your only option and sending money is a necessity, however, buying a money order with a credit.

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If what you refer to as a “vanilla” card is sold at walmart, you can buy it with a walmart gift card. So since i had read before on different threads that you can purchase money orders at wmart using debit cards i tried to buy (2) $499.30 money orders paying for them with my one vanilla visa gift cards—epic fail on. Line up the money order with your smartphone camera.

There will be a small fee for the card typically ranging from $3.95 to about $6.95 or more. 3) present your id at the main customer service desk and tell them you want to buy a money order. Prepaid gift cards by mastercard are globally accepted, safer than cash & a perfect gift for everyone.

More and more often i am asked whether it's a gift card and the success ratio has been declining lately. We list the places that may accept pin. When you’re shopping for a prepaid card, compare different cards to see which ones have the features you want and the associated fees.

You can pay for it with a walmart gift card as long as it has enough money on it to cover the face value, plus the charge and taxes for the visa card. I used to have an easy time buying money orders with prepaid gift cards (vanilla visa) at places likes randall's and walmart. We don’t have a kiosk so had to go to moneycenter/customer service desk.

With a mobile app, you can photograph checks and money orders to instantly load them onto your card. Why the reason for this? If you need help with your money order or have complaints about a money order you have purchased, call moneygram money order customer service below:

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In my experience, mostly “no”. You can also contact them at the email address below: Then photograph the front and back of it.

Just buy the card and activate it to use it anywhere anytime. For example, if you want to send a $100 money order, you need to pay $100 upfront, plus the money order fee. Although some issuers let you buy a money order using a credit card, many credit card issuers consider this a cash advance and may charge you additional fees and high interest rates.

You can buy a money order with a credit card as well as with a debit card, check or bank transfer. If a customer has a stack of debit cards, preloaded for $500 or $250 each, and they want to buy money orders with them, they are. This has tightened up in the last few years, it used to be more generally allowed.

The money order issuer may be able to run these gift cards as debit transactions. For example they sell visa $25 gift cards; Tried twice with 2 different clerks.

Certainly, the credit card interchange fees are a consideration. So there's really two parts to this question: If you're churning signup bonuses and want to meet minimum spend via manufactured spending) is to buy prepaid gift cards and then buy money orders with those.

The memo also gives tips to the cashiers so they can recognize someone who is using a gift card: 1) choose your gift card amount by selecting from $200, $100, $50, or $25. If you do need to use a money order for whatever reason, buying it.

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