Harry Potter Themed Cards Against Humanity

Titled cards against muggles, the decidedly adult party game requires one player to read out one of the black cards posing a wizarding scenario and fill in the. For the sake of scale cards against humanity with all the expansions has 305 black cards and 1587 white cards.

Youve Heard Of Cards Against Humanity But Has Anyone Heard Of Cards Against Muggles We Have A Limited Cards Against Humanity Harry Potter Cards Party Games

This is the full downloadable version of cards against potter.

Harry potter themed cards against humanity. By gianluca mezzofiore on july 21, 2017 Harry potter fans have made cards against humanity called cards against muggles and it's amazing. Harry mentions his dead parents (sadly);

Cards against muggles is mirrored on the infamous cards against humanity expansion packs, and much like the original, the harry potter version tackles a lot of nsfw topics. Professor mcgonagall feeding your biscuits. That same friend, another friend of mine, and myself each ordered a pack (with friend b ordering with me for combined shipping rates).

Practicing wingardium leviosa on yourself Well, apparently, a harry potter edition of cards against humanity exists, and it’s aptly named cards against muggles. It is made for all the houses of hogwarts, including the gryffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin, and ravenclaw.

Christmas baubles festooned with harry potter's face. Harry potter publishing rights ©. Someone has created the harry potter version of cards against humanity and it has a nsfw twist.

4.8 out of 5 stars. Anytime any of the situations below happen, you have to finish your drink, good for. Get it as soon as wed, jun 30.

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I know, that sounded like an order…. Perfect for harry potter and cah fans. Buying all those would cost $161.00.

See below for details about downloadable cards. Voldermort is mentioned during a conversation. The sword of godric gryffindor, glittering with rubies.

This game is strictly for adults only, as it deals with a lot of nsfw content. It contains 252 total cards (54 black cards, 198 white cards). Shoving a bezoar down your throat.

Featured video hide the wizarding world never truly. A group of potterheads has created a cards against humanity style harry potter game, and it’s perfectly riddikulus. At the beginning of january, a friend of mine caught wind of a harry potter themed variant of cards against humanity on etsy called cards against wizardy.

A few white card examples include: A twenty foot long basilisk. A fistful of floo powder.

Harry potter valentines by me! Hidden gems bundle • 6 themed packs + 10 new cards. It contains nearly 1500 cards!

This is the full set of cards against potter! This edition features a geeky take on the iconic card game with a whole lot of cheeky humor and puns. The game is strictly for adult players only, so trust me, you.

387 black cards 1071 white cards also includes a formatted file with the game’s logo for the card backing. “snorting floo powder to go on a mental journey” “painting severus snape as one of your french girls” This isn't official harry potter merch.

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